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Lunar Eclipse November 2012

LUNAR ECLIPSE November 28, 2012 
  6º Gemini 47‘     9:46 am
         A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the shadow of the Moon is on the Earth which happens approximately every six months when the Sun, Earth and Moon are perfectly aligned. The Earth is sitting in the middle, when the Moon is on the far side of the Earth from the Sun and there is a Full Moon. Unlike a Solar Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse can be observed from nearly an entire hemisphere and is completely safe to watch with the naked eye.  The time before a Lunar Eclipse is usually really frenzied so expect to be a little anxious. 
     The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on November 28, 2012 will occur as the Moon passes in front of the constellation of Gemini at 6º47’ at exactly 9:46 am and is in exact alignment with the Earth moving opposite the Moon in front of the constellation of Sagittarius at 9º46’. This phenomenon of the Earth in exact alignment with the Sun blocking the light of the Sun to the Moon is a Lunar Eclipse! People in Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and most of Asia will be on the correct side of Earth to see the eclipse. and will see the entire eclipse on November 28.  For you in the East . . . . sorry! The western U.S. and Canada will also catch part of it. Speaking and listening are so crucial during this time and six months after this eclipse. It is imperative to prevent communication blowouts with people. Vital information may be missing, or communication could be so vague that coming to a rational conclusion is difficult.  Back up, think things through carefully, ask more questions, and review recent conversations before making any serious commitments. 
       Keep in mind: all Lunar Eclipses are powerful  Full Moons that are ‘course correctors’ and are meant to change your life!!  This Lunar Eclipse has an edge to it that forces us to start making necessary changes.  There may be tension between the sexes, between logic and intuition. As the Earth’s shadow crosses the Moon, we must remember that it is the unification of opposing forces that create life:  Sun and Moon, light and dark, masculine and feminine, etc.. Find your guide, look at what you have faith in and bow to the beauty within you.   
      This eclipse in Gemini could rock relationships as this Gemini Moon encourages us to jump ahead before thinking about the consequences of our actions.  It IS meant to free your mind and force strong feelings to the surface.  You must make a choice and take a stand on principles that may likely displease someone else - yet being true to yourself is the higher calling.  As you know, earthlings tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon. A Lunar Eclipse emphasizes this emotional reaction. 
     Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts and emotional connectedness are aroused as the environment becomes a little unstable. This unstable environment occurs because there is change in the electromagnetic energy that affects us mentally and neurologically. There will be some stress as blockages will begin to crumble and then there will be a feeling of freedom. The good news is that creative and artistic qualities will be discovered as you let go of beliefs that don’t correspond with your current reality!!  Outdated ideals or dreams may need to be discarded, which can be painful but necessary.  You are experiencing an emotional and spiritual awakening to today’s truths as clutter is cleared away and your present world is seen in a new light.  You will redefine your personality and your image over the next six months!! A new hairdo, new clothes, a NEW YOU emerges!!  Keep in mind, as you go through this process, that all of this is good and part of your pattern of growth as you take on a proactive approach to living.  You will finally drum up the courage to make necessary life corrections!  Enjoy!  :-)
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November 28, 2012           6° Gemini 47'         9:46 am
Aries: Stand firm in your convictions. An odd mixture of strategic planning, impulsive reactions and unfolding melodrama can affect your job, your pocketbook and your feelings.  If you face reality you’ll be supported when decisive action settles matters and calms nerves.   
Taurus: Face your fears as you come face to face with harsh realities in partnerships.  If you set the agenda with a clear statement of your expectations, however, you can build trust.  Ultimately you motivate others to get the results you want and deepen personal connections!  :-)
Gemini: You struggle to get an accurate sense of what’s happening with your career.  The stage is being set for your next wave of progress.  But advancement does not come easily.  You have to narrow your objectives and fight for your beliefs.  Luckily stability comes into your life. 
Cancer: Stretch your boundaries in all phases of your life! You have other options in work, love and friendship. Focus on new goals. Some- one may tempt you to assume additional responsibilities beyond the limits of comfort. Take Risks! Persistence helps you get what you want!
Leo: You have set some new goals and are feeling pressure to get there. This very clever Eclipse helps to relieve the pressure by revealing alternative routes to reach your destinations. Rely on your intuition and listen! You can find satisfaction if you don’t have to rush the journey.
Virgo: Career is a focus as this jittery Gemini Eclipse touches your career activities! Avoid chasing an illusion by questioning your assump-tions and those of people offering something that sounds too good to be true. Concentrate on key people as the momentum begins to shift. 
Libra: Feel the inspiration to look ahead rather than the troubles that are now in the past. Your focus shifts and your future is bright as you cut ties from the past and your are free to embark on your future.You get the energy to start a new project. Don’t be afraid to follow a hunch
Scorpio:  You are strongly urged to eliminate people and plans that aren’t essential to reaching your goals. You may attract partners who don’t live up to their promises.  Verify credentials before you invest your faith or your money! It is also time to claim your power!  Be Bold!
Sagittarius:  You could lose your temper if you believe that someone is undermining your efforts.  But, a close friend or partner helps you see the situation in a more positive light as you transform any lingering fear or anger into love and acceptance. It is time to commit!  :-)
Capricorn: Rethink your professional aspirations as opportunities and/or obligations present themselves! Your mind wanders as windows of awareness increase your sense of connection with nature and the cosmos.  If you know exactly what you want, it’s time to work to get it.
Aquarius: Stop playing around the edges of desire and finally make a choice that should be worth much more than you have to give up in return.  While you’re likely to have a good time - even if reality falls short of your expectations - a joyous vision can also lift your spirits! :-)
Pisces: A variety of issues are stirred up at home. Complete current obligations before you take on anything more.  News and insights somehow expand your venue and knowledge, and you may be able to use what you learn in a creative project.  Stay close to home!

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