Friday, June 19, 2015

June 2015 Astro News!!

JUNE 2015  Happy Birthday GEMINI and CANCER Natives!!    
          If there’s any message that all of the planets are trying to send you now it’s to look at the bright side, be happy, and then pass that message along to friends, neighbors and loved ones.  With all the unpleasant news in the headlines, you can probably use some good news!  You’ll be glad to know that a wonderful Jupiter-Uranus alignment that’s in effect now will bring some relief.  Generous Jupiter in Leo and exciting Uranus in Aries are in a free-flowing Trine - that is 120 apart. This aspect is exact on June 22nd though it is actually in effect the entire month!  :-) (Google: Jupiter in Leo; Uranus in Aries)  Look to the sectors of your own Natal Chart that hold Aries and Leo to see where to watch for your lucky break or unusual opportunity.  Then, stay alert and be ready to act! ( Call Toni to do your chart if you haven’t already done so!  You will need your date, place and time (on your birth certificate) for Toni to do your chart and she will e-mail it to you!)  :-)
     Ideas and communications are emphasized as the Sun, Mercury and Mars take turns moving through Gemini - the constellation that rules communication! Though, Mercury is retrograde the first ten days of the month, so examine all document for errors and if you plan to travel, schedule your trip to begin after June 11 when Mercury will be moving in direct motion again.  After Mars enters Cancer on June 24, things may heat up as you deal with people who have different opinions from yours on subject that are dear to your heart. 
     Keep in mind that ALL planets go retrograde except the Sun and the Moon.  So, while Mercury is going Retrograde this month, so are Saturn and Pluto moving in retrograde motion.  Saturn is going retrograde in Sagittarius and it reminds you to use only methods that have proven to work for you in the past.  This is not a good time to start a new business or any endeavor you hope will be profitable. 

     After Saturn moves back into Scorpio on the 14th, you will have to revisit matters that you thought were once-and-for-all resolved.  On June 12 Neptune goes retrograde, continuing in that direction until December 24th.  During this time you may want to escape from harsh realities of your life through the use of alcohol or other addictions.  Instead, get in touch with the spiritual part of your nature through activities such as yoga, writing, painting, music, or reading inspirational literature. 

     One of my favorite new books is one by Annie Kagan: The Afterlife of Billie Fingers! A lovely book about how the author’s brother comes to her after his death.  Also, if you are inspired to be social, seek out people who uplift you. Be sure to stay away from anything or anyone negative and listen to your intuition - it will be speaking very loudly to you!
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