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                                       AUGUST 2012 OUTLOOK
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Buckle up!  This is going to be a wild, unpredictable month. It might be wise to find a quiet place where you can do some soul-searching.   The ultimate of this months’ energy invites you to look inward.  You must narrow your focus and postpone extraneous activities in order to reach your goals and feel positive about your life.  If you are not pleased with the way your life is going, you’ll figure out ways to improve your attitude or situation. Mars in Libra joins Saturn in Libra. This double transit tests your patience.  Mars represents speed, boldness and fearlessness, while Saturn represents caution, restraint and self-discipline. A reality check is in store urging you to face issues and deal with them in practical ways. Your communication skills are especially strong now with Jupiter in Gemini and you have just the right amount of courage combined with a little luck to push your thoughts and plans forward! Speak your mind and folks will listen - finally!  :-)
     Mercury turns direct on August 8th as it is transiting through Leo! Not only do your finances straighten out, but so do other areas of your life.  Pluto supplies inexhaustible power to get nearly any job done.  Don’t be afraid to defend your ideas; you can win almost any argument as witty Mercury adds weight and humor to your words. You will ‘kill ‘em’ with your kindness and your charm!  Venus will be transiting Cancer. You and your partner may decide you prefer spending time alone rather than time together with your friends. You may feel conflicted between your responsibilities at home and those at work. Your career may be kind of nuts until you realize that the most you can do at any time is your best!  All of this because of Venus in Cancer!  Just relax and let ‘good sense‘ enter the scene!     
     The Aquarian Full Moon on August 1st is at 10º Aquarius 15’ at 11:27pm and is the first of TWO FULL MOONS this month.  A Second Full Moon (a Blue Moon) occurs on August 31 at 8º34‘Pisces at 9:58am.  Both Full Moons will get you to narrow your focus and feel more positive about your life.  As you set new goals and move forward toward achieving them, you make new friends and bring more positive, intelligent people into your life. Don’t be afraid to defend your ideas as you are now a force to be reckoned with!  People listen to you now.
      A New Moon occurs when the Moon and the Sun are in the same sign at the same degree.  It is a time of concentrated energies and new beginnings. This month the New Moon occurs in the sign of Leo on August 17 at 11:54am at 25º Leo 58’. For Leos this New Moon clears the way for you to make decisions in all parts of your life as you begin the next phase of your life’s journey. The parts of your life that are not meeting your expectations need to be revamped or eliminated.

     If you are NOT a Leo and want to know how all of this planetary activity is affecting YOUR life just e-mail Toni at or call 770-587-1910 to schedule a reading or order a report. 

Enjoy the day!  :-)

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