Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 2011 Outlook

Happy Birthday Cancer and Leo Natives!! 
Your connections with others, especially close family members, will be at the forefront of your attention this month.  You will begin to become more aware of what people mean to you and how you are handling them. On the 1st a Solar Eclipse occurs at 9°Cancer and the effects of which will be felt for the following six months. This eclipse signals that your individual pathway to success will depend on your empathy and willingness to play a nurturing role with others.  You will be learning about how to be emotionally responsive to others yet not take their feelings personally.  Issues such as self-identity versus relationship interaction are discussed.
     Pluto energy gets in the mix and is telling you that you need to take practical as well as professional concerns into account.  This could lead to changing your profession - or at least changing your approach to it so that it is a truer and therefore happier expression of your own nature.  Uranus in Aries goes retrograde on the 9th and issues in your life begin to get a little confusing as your focus shifts from outwardly expressing the new energies you are experiencing to feeling a need to pull inward.  You will want to spend time evaluating the new identity that seems to be emerging within you and the direction in which you want to go next in your life.  The urge for directness and self-assertion will be easing a bit as you work at getting more in touch with the needs of your identity. It is a matter of what battles you want to fight, what purposes are important to you and what parts of yourself you want to experience satisfaction and fulfillment. Mars in Gemini is the time to get disciplined about doing what is necessary at the same time make great headway via clear communications in important relationships.                 
     This month there are Two New Moons!  The day a New Moon occurs is a Power Day, a day favorable for new beginnings.  This is a day to take pen in hand and compile a wish list of things you would like to have happen in your life.  The first occurs on the 1st at 3:55am in Cancer. This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse! The Solar Eclipse occurs at 4:54am at 9°12´ Cancer and is very powerful for creating, achieving new goals and correcting the course of your life.  All Cancers and Capricorns will feel this very strongly. Depending on where this Eclipse falls in your particular chart will determine how this will affect all of us. The Second New Moon occurs on the 30th at 1:40pm in the sign of Leo. Make your ‘wish list’ include children, fun, play, vacations, pleasure, risk-taking romance, and creative will! 
     The Full Moon occurs on the 15th at 4:14pm in Capricorn and brings financial news!  A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other and brings what was begun at the New Moon to fulfillment.  The news you receive may be a bit challenging, but a change in attitude will help turn things around. You will see what you didn’t see before as the light of the Full Moon shines the truth.
       To find out how this month’s planetary activity affects you personally, e-mail Toni at or call 770-587-1910 to schedule a reading or order a report.  I look forward to hearing from you.  :-) 

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