Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 2011

Happy Birthday Aries and Taurus Natives!! Another busy month is ahead for our celestial sky.  We begin with April 1st when Mars enters its home sign of Aries, ushering in a new cycle of activity. The New Moon on the 3rd in Aries gets things off to a fast start and the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus all spend time in Aries again.  Aries is associated with action, initiative, dynamic energy, leadership, spontaneity and pioneering spirit.  While all of these planets are in Aries, you could experience surges of energy and enthusiasm, and a little impatience, too.  Relationships and business alliances need special attention as all these planets in Aries can add stress.
     Speaking of Mercury in Aries, Mercury began its first retrograde motion of the year on March 30th and will stay retrograde until April 23. With Mercury moving retrograde in Aries (the sign that rules ‘the self’), you’ll feel a pull to turn inward and re-evaluate who you are at this point in your life. The time is perfect for getting in touch with your uniqueness as an individual.  You will be getting in touch with your personal identity. This transit will give you the clarity you’ll need to reassert yourself and go forth with confidence later in the month.     
    Neptune changes signs on April 4 as it glides into Pisces, leaving Aquarius where it resided for the last 15 years. The entry of Neptune in it’s own master sign will bring people looking deep into their own spirituality.  Neptune, the planet of mystery, spirituality, enlightenment, creativity is returning to the sign it rules, Pisces.  This will be a culmination of 165 years of spiritual growth on this planet. Now we peek into a future that will change the way we view God and how we interact with the creative life force.  Get ready for some mind-blowing changes where people on this planet start waking up and dropping old vengeful god beliefs and the principles of peaceful acceptance and tolerance all begin to settle in. Neptune rules delusion and illusion.  The negative side of Neptune in Pisces can delude people into believing things are different when they are not.  Neptune also rules drugs and altered states where we may see a turn for the worse in that area but better and understanding and help for people who want change.  Stay out of self-deception and rise up to your best and highest state and you will soar.
   This month’s New Moon is on the 3rd at 10:33am at 13 30’ Aries. The New Moon is generally a time of concentrated energies and new beginnings. Be prepared for a strong burst of enterprising spirit and expansive energy. The Full Moon on the 17th at 9:45pm at 27 44‘ Libra  A Full Moon has an effect that lasts until the next New Moon. Networking and linking up with other people will bring results.  Tackle a new subject; it will be easier to wrap your head around new ideas and subjects with the help of this Libra Full Moon energy.
     To find out how this month’s planetary activity affects you personally, e-mail Toni at or call 770-587-1910 to schedule a reading or order a report.  I look forward to hearing from you.  :-) 

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